140 Years of Bulova: Know the History of This Brand

The counting of time has always intrigued humanity. Since before the Sumerians, who instituted the measurement of time as we know it today, this was a matter that troubled our ancestors exactly why they went on for days and nights and there was this need to understand this process and especially to measure it.

140 Years of Bulova Know the History of This Brand

Today, the watch is much more than just an instrument that measures the hours. It represents status, power, style, luxury and tells a lot about its admirers and users. Especially, those who have their favorite brands and are true evangelizers of them.

Today we will talk about the 140 years of Bulova , a brand that is much admired among lovers of classic , elegant watches and whose obsession is a detailed count of time, since its founder, Joseph Bulova, had as a goal, besides a strong brand, a accuracy of the hour count. And this has become its biggest brand and feature of Bulova watches .

In the 140 years of the Bulova we emphasize the history covered to get here and also, the true legacy that Joseph Bulova left for the production of especially elegant and precise watches.

The foundation

Bulova is a watch industry that was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova, a Czech immigrant who settled in the United States. He began his work at age 19 with the J. Bulova jewelry store in southern Manhattan.

The success

At the time, demand was growing by buyers. And that made Joseph open a factory in Switzerland to assemble the pieces of his watches. With unparalleled detail and precision, he was responsible for numerous innovations in the watch industry of the world.

Obsession by precision

Bulova’s perfectionism caused him to construct an astral-time observatory in Manhattan for extremely accurate and accurate measurements . In the 140 years of Bulova, this has become a peculiar characteristic of its accessories.

In the radio waves

In 1926, a historical moment: the Bulova hour. The brand made a radio broadcast, punctually at 20 hours, thus instituting Bulova time, which was later celebrated on other occasions and became one of the symbols of the brand.

On the TV screen

In the 140 years of Bulova, another historic achievement: the first television commercial. It contained the North American map and a huge watch in the center. The iconic phrase, marked the moment: “America vibrates to the rhythm of Bulova”.

The day of Bulova

In 2000, on the 125th anniversary of the Bulova brand , Rudolph Giuliani, then Mayor of New York, officially proclaimed ‘Bulova Day’ on 4 October. This day was a merit recognizing the importance of the brand for the history of the country.

The great legacy left by its founder and the beautiful history built in these 140 years of Bulova represent far more than power and status to its admirers. It brings with it the consolidation of a job well done with great dedication and appreciation of the details. These are, in fact, that make the difference so that any brand becomes consecrated and admired by its users.