2014-2015 Piercing Trends: News and Confirmations

Confirmations, news and tips to choose those trendier and more suited to your personality

The latest trends in 2014-2015 piercing are very diverse and there are many confirmations and novelties, ready to represent the personality of the person who wears them. Depopulated the grit and irreverence rock both in clothing and in underwear and piercings are well suited to create a truly unique sporty-chic style.

It is not so much to follow the trend of the moment, but to seek, among those that set the trends, the most satisfying to your taste. And then we see how to orient yourself to the best, before making choices listed then regret it!

So what are the most popular piercing and more like and set the trends? The nails, for example, continues to depopulate. A small hole is drilled on the final part of the nail, within which attaches the piercing. You must have your nails long and tapered to get the desired effect: one hand biting and bold!

Even the piercing on the lips, especially among girls, is a tendency to last: it can be practiced at the bottom or top of the lips or sideways, depending on personal taste.

And one in the nose? Like thenavel, it is truly timeless and just look around to see who are returning headbands. Also that rendered at the cartilaginous ear tragus , more precisely, is highly regarded and is considered stylish and elegant, especially if you opt for small light spots.

As regards the types of piercings to choose from, you can opt for small glitter or pretty beads until you get to the more bold and aggressive, very chosen by lovers of goth fashion.

Put yourself in the hands of experts and remember that piercing, if not executed with proper hygiene can lead to serious infections. The holed part must be disinfected every day, following precise rules.

Do you like piercing?