2015-2016 Winter Handbag: Proposals and Trends

Colorful and glamour are the handbag that we wear in this cold season: here’s the latest proposals!

Colorful, chic and glamorous: here’s how to define comfortable and spacious handbag of winter 2015-2016. Suitable for all needs, these bags are perfect for a stroll downtown for a day at the Office or at the University, are the allies of all women, who like to combine the classic comfort of large bags and capacious to the latest trend in fashion and style. The color palette is very large: ranges from reptile print to mauve, from black to blue, beige-tone or multicolored loose up to models. No doubt further support the needs of fashionistas and women who like to be impeccable in daily life as a job.

Handbag 2015-2016: colors and shapes

Cannot help but a convenient and practical handbag, perfect for every occasion, from the day dedicated to shopping at work. Among the colors of 2015-2016 will stand out this winter Classic Blue and white and beige, Burgundy, dark green, red or even proposals in animal print. Many brands, however, suggest reasons in folk style and depopulate are the proposals bicolor: black and gold, mauve and brown or purple, powder and black. As for the forms, instead, watchful eyes have seen around for some time already structured handbag in the classical model (which resemble folders that you use in the Office), rigid, pyramidal shaped, with strap, with medium-long or short handle and again with “lock” metal or gold color. And then further still, in order to increase the capacity, you have a square shape and lateral flaps.

Handbags: the riot of pastels and…

There are many brands that have proposed the classic handbags in muted tones and delicate pastel shades: but above all to make the outfit is classy and chic.

Among the must-haves of this cold season figure surely the reptile print and in particular the Python: available in animal prints you will find not only belts and shoes, but also the beloved handbag. No shortage of Red Zebra, combined with proposals and other synthetic leather or suede.

How to show off your handbag? Here’s some practical advice!

Evergreen and timeless: the handbag are the companions of each woman’s adventure. How to match them in the right way? We start to color. If your gown or your estate is particularly colorful, avoid the handbags in floral print or fanciful: will come of a bunch of unappealing style. If you choose a colored shirt and pants or a dress in multicolor stained, opt for a handbag in neutral colors. Instead, you prefer a multicolor bag to enliven an outfit especially turned off.

If you are low in stature, avoid the handbag with low heeled shoes: opt instead for clothes and colors stretching figure (such as a high waist skirt or pants paired with point-toe, back decisively in the limelight) and remember that the Accessories (jewelry and belts) and shoes have to recall the color of the bag or the modality (such as the background of the bag if it is a printed pattern). And finally. For the day you choose handbag soft lines, while for a day at the Office or at the University, opt for those laid out in the folder. For the evening choose a black snake print: a classic that never goes out of fashion, perhaps to match the rod and heel tissues like skin.

The handbag is an accessory can’t do without. What about you? What kind of bag do you prefer?