Alexandre Herchcovitch-Autumn-Winter 2009 / 2010 in The Week of The Fashion of SãO Paulo

Jezebel is not limited to search among the fashion offering Cibeles Madrid or Barcelona with Bred & Butter (as well as Paris, London, Milan, New York …), but also seek out trends and proposals. At the time I reviewed the week of the fashion of Tokyo u now plays focus on the Week of the fashion of Sao Paoulo (SPFW), a country that is rising to strides in the world of fashion. Thanks to the collaboration of Patricia Lima, of the magazine Catarina (one of the most prominent in the Brazilian independent field), we can enjoy these images.

To begin that summary to the SPFW What better way to do it with Alexandre Herchcovitch, maximum banner of Brazilian fashion and the most popular designer of the moment in your country. Since 1994 in asset and as it presents new seasons is gaining even more fame on an international level. Since 2004 it is seated in New York. Even got to design uniforms for employees of the McDonald ’ Brazilian s.

Its avant-garde proposals focus next season Autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 with their main trump card: the color, feature which not is has spread in any of their lines. Dresses that will pervade red and mauve, in addition to blue represented by impeccable pointillist style in these items and short coats.

We must remember that the proposals are for Brazil and its climate is not the same as ours. They are lucky to look sets throughout the year here we would see suitable only for the summer. This is why short dresses dominate compared to other.

But apart from this explosion of colour It makes attractive to a simple Leggings, Alexandre Herchcovitch It also seeks the black color of your designs. So much that even advocates a total black look only broken by the Golden edges of garments or accessories.

The inspiration that he cites is going to the Cabaret Dadaists, the muses of the Cubist pintures reaching even to the German punk. Everything fits in one line of Alexandre Herchcovitch.

A wonderful collection where every detail of the clothes is a world, with sets of leaflets, supplements (especially gloves) and the adversity of a formal line of night that risks with forms and how to understand the black front of the freshness of the colorist line suitable for the day (and also for the night).