All Dangers of Fashion: Handbags, Wedge Heels and Skinny

The British media have launched an alarm and invited all fashion victims to pay close attention to the dangers of fashion. Some of the latest trends in fact put in serious danger to our health. The fuss in the media was lifted after the Guardian reported the case of an Australian woman was hospitalized because he blamed problems in the lower abdomen and thighs. The problem: the skinny jeans! Other pitfalls include handbags and wedge heels and decided to talk to you about it because I always remember that… woman advised, half saved!

Dangers of fashion: the handbag

One of the Queens of the handbag or on the forearm is Victoria Beckham. Unfortunately over time you can develop tendonitis or have back problems. According to doctors, the ideal would be to have the weight on both arms to balance it. The same goes for the shoulder strap. We reiterate the severe back pain after a long day with shoulder strap to high school! Obviously we don’t want to sow panic because the damages are never serious.

Dangers of fashion: the high wedges

The wedges are comfortable but must be worn for a limited time. Lady Gaga really like those platform and the Evergreen Madonna can’t do without during his show. Managing wedges though is very complicated why make it unstable, you think Venus Noire Naomi Campbell fell on the catwalk! However the wedges (as well as the heels) increase self-esteem and do try to women that typical feeling of “conquest” of the world. If you’re not fond of wedges and now been chuckling about your colleagues, know that even very low shoes are a danger. We’re just a small list of ailments that may incur: talalgie, plantiari Fasciitis and heel disorders like blisters. Medium heel is perfect.

Dangers of fashion: skinny

And now it’s time to talk about the danger of the dangers. Tells you something the word “skinny”? Yes, ever since they invented the trousers and skinny jeans, the skinny have breathed a sigh of relief and who has abundant curves hides in these clothes that are tighter of wetsuits. Unfortunately cause inflammations, cystitis and genital irritations. Even boys should be careful because the horse too tight, according to urologists, it can lead to reproductive problems. The Australian woman of which we told you at the beginning of the article had calves swollen and had stopped circulation, the doctors had to cut with scissors his beloved skinny before an operation.