Bicolor Chanel Shoe Celebrates 50 Years

The two-tone shoe It is one invention more that we can attribute to Coco Chanel, soon you will have a film. The legendary French designer, in addition to creating the petite robe noire or padded bag, invented shoes that have kept the last during 50 years: bicolor shoes.

Inspired by the male shoe of the era, which had the dark tip to hide stains, the two-tone shoe stylized leg Since, on the one hand, the black tip shorten the foot and, on the other, the color clear (usually beige or white) seems to lengthen the leg.

“A woman with a good pair of shoes is never ugly”, said Chanel.” And they should be very good because they have managed to survive half a century. But the truth is that, today, and thanks to the masterful hand of Karl Lagerfeld, that he has managed to modernize this snap while keeping its spirit intact, there are several versions the two-tone shoe: Sandals, thigh high boots, dancers…, ¡hasta sneakers!

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