Censorship Is Up to The Door of The Last Campaign for Miu Miu

Sex sells, and both fashion and advertising that is more than proven fact. However, in recent decades have been many firms that have exceeded the limits and have faced censorship of their campaigns. Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and American Apparel know about this situation, but this time it was Miu Miu, the Italian firm, which have rained you the criticized for its latest campaign starring Mia Goth.

The focus of such controversy is found in a double-page advertisement of the Miu Miu spring/summer 2015 campaign appearing on the British edition of Vogue this month. It shows a Mia 22 year old Goth posing on a bed, with seductive attitude, and characterized for appear less mature than has. In addition, the picture reflects an intimate moment, captured through the hinge of a door, adding an extra dose of vulnerability and voyeurism.

This announcement has already been banned by the ASA, the regulatory body of advertising in the United Kingdom, that after listening to the criticisms raised by the image has not hesitated to take action in the matter. “We believe that their child looks, along with the pose and the context, could give the impression that is showing a girl sex.”, says the ASA on its website in response to such a measure”.

However, Miu Miu It has not been the only one to suffer censorship by airing an image of sexualization of minors. There are many cases of girls model at the service of the industry of fashion, firms that hire models below the permitted minimum age to parading on their catwalks, and publications that allow publishers with small mannequins as the central image. Measures are being taken, but are they enough?