Christian Dior High Couture Autumn-Winter 2007/08: Jewels

In the parades of Haute Couture, everything is maintained to the last detail, especially if you celebrate your 60th anniversary. Christian Dior surrounded himself with celebrities for celebrate your birthday at Versailles, where he presented a extraordinary collection for the Autumn-Winter 2007/08, in which the Accessories they played a very important role.

Accessories such as jewelry, created individually for each outfit and that are, all of them wonderful. Pearls and rhinestones make up necklaces, pendants, rings and bracelets which, far from seem ostentatious, are true works of art.

There are more elaborate and others easier. Neutral or colorful, discreet or striking pieces, fantasy or classic… but all of them magnificent. Tell me (if you can decide): What is your favorite?

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