Dolce & Gabanna Not Will Make No Progress in Season Because They Ruin The Fashion

This news can sit precedent in the world of fashion, so we will have to treat it with care. Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana they have decided to not return to do more no advance season their collections, since, according to them, these garbled fashion. No more pre-fall, resort collections…

In the words of the own Gabanna:

We have decided to say enough. We will go against the current, we will perhaps be the first to do so, but the time of change has come. Already a year ago that we’re a little tired of these rhythms added, requiring a great stylistic commitment, but above all an enormous business effort. All must be very fast and very well done, with a service always full

Striking that one of the critical making is that people want to see or have ASAP collections without having even enjoyed the current collections. Fact that leads them to work concurrently in several collections simultaneously, when by logic, this should not be so, since the suppliers of textile materials do not have at that moment nothing new to offer, according to the designer himself.

Personally I’ll stick with this comment from Gabanna, which summarizes what many have always thought:

In the middle of November I see shopwindows with miniskirts of colors and shirts. And yet we had not sold the coats or furs! Are we crazy?, I said to myself. Even the merchandise from the current collection is not over and is now that of the next.

The 15 years that are hosting these collections put its close for now, since you never know if it is a marketing maneuver, a maneuver to call attention or a real maneuver in which an error of current fashion, where everything has a temporality scarce a day or two is being reflected. Be true, Dolce & Gabanna Open Road in an interesting change. Never so much saturation of proposals is good without having enjoyed the current.