Georgia May Jagger Moves to Look Minnie, The It Girl Disney

Georgia May Jagger is passed to the Minnie look in his latest adventure. The model will direct a curious photographic exhibition which will include a variety of interpretations of the fun Minnie style, it most famous Disney girl.

The images, taken by Sharif Hamza and outfits created by Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, will be part of the Exposé style Minnie during the London fashion week in the month of September, open from the 18th to the 22nd of this month. In this exhibition you can see from pictures of fashion magazines to others in popular culture, making it clear that the girlfriend of Mickey is an inspiration of style. Jagger, who is also passionate about photography, plans to include some of his works.

Since its first appearance in 1928, Minnie has been the Muse of many fashion collaborations. Its legendary mole and t-shirts and sweatshirts with pictures of the own Minnie have formed and will be part of our most fun looks. In fact, three years ago we saw how different designers recreated clothing and unique accessories inspired by its recognized and particular style, also during the London fashion week. Without a doubt, Minnie is made an icon.