Here Is The Second Collection of Keith Haring by Zara

After the success that garnered the first tribute collection of Zara a Keith Haring, It doubled sales in the weeks which the clothes were in the shop windows, have decided to release the second part of the collection which is obviously worse than the first and that it is only intended to finish to finish a large collection, different, affordable and with much style.

On this occasion, the line dedicated to Keith Haring expands with one expands range of t-shirts, specifically six models that will be on sale in all the establishments of the brand in Spain, as well as in more than 1,000 stores around the world. This time we will not find sweatshirts, only t-shirts.

With a base of strong and summer colours as the Green, red and yellow, are supplemented by more neutral such as black, grey, and white, ideal colors for this spring season which, in brief, we premiered. All of them feature the artist designs and we even have one in which is reflected the self-portrait of the same Keith Haring, a tribute to his work and figure.

The price of these t-shirts will be around € 18.