Lilliputian Joys: Miniature Accessories

It is a minor celebrity, for what he does and how he does it. And the word “small” is not used at random. Although in his case it would be more suitable for the word “thumbnail” or “lillupuziano”. The maker of tiny wonders called Sara and in the world of Handmade is known by her stage name: Lilliputian Joys (facebook, pinterest).

With a master’s degree at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, the idea of playing all around us (and we mean everything) is born by chance and to play in 2008. In that year, Sara was in Lisbon and on a stand note a ring with a stylized cake. Buy it and once you get home, investigates a bit on the type of ring you bought. Start an amazing adventure in the world of polymer clay, the material it produces all his creations.

What started as a hobby takes more space into an actual activity. Sara says conquered from polymer clay, a material by many positive aspects, practical and technical. Fimo indeed is a soft material, fits easily into creative desires and can give rise to new and different colors by mixing them together. But as everything has its drawbacks: the extreme softness and ductility in some cases proved to be problems and vivid colors, although beautiful to look at, attracts Lint and dust. And I am especially traitors: reveal fingerprints in a showy.

The inspiration for the creations of Sara is all around her. Started by reproducing objects of kitchen, pasta, pies up to more complex foods. But from there his observational field has expanded and all this stuff started to diverge. No longer just rings, but also necklaces, earrings. In short, miniature accessories and delicious that feel unique and special anyone wear them.

Its motto is: “if I could, I miniaturizzerei to take you with me!”. Sara decided to call his business and his creations Joys because it says willing to give precisely Joy to another, not a feeling, but a State of mind. The magic of the craft is just that: to transform a product (fimo is technically a thermosetting polymer clay) into something else. And Sarah can’t really puts it all. His is an itinerant activity that sees pacchettare and bundling its Banquet and joys around Italy. Wherever there’s a market of crafts, Handmade, she is there.

A little curiosity. The joys of Lilliputian Sara does not arise from drawings or sketches, but directly from the mixture of fimo. As he holds to let others know, modeling of various details and components is the only part of “thinking” of the State of the work. Everything else is simple, clever manualit and observation skills (as well as skill acquired).