Macaquinho Jeans: The Wildcard Piece for Stylish and Comfortable Looks

The little monkey jeans is one of those pieces that facilitate any look of the day and still give an extra touch of modernity and comfort. Not to mention that it is a super friendly piece on the hottest days when you do not want to have too much work to put together a look.

Macaquinho Jeans The Wildcard Piece for Stylish and Comfortable Looks

You find the little monkey jeans in different materials, modeling and style. From the basics and light with alcoves, to a barbecue with friends, to the most elaborate, with lace and prints, for a more formal event.

A very simple way to use the piece and that leaves the look with a more relaxed footprint, is to combine the little monkey jeans with a tighter blouse underneath and complement the look with a sneaker or rasteirinha.

The combinations do not stop there, so we worked out some tips in partnership with the style consultant Danyla Borobia, to help you compose incredible looks with the monkey jeans. Check out!

Little monkey type bib clothes

The most famous version of the little monkey jeans, stripped down and versatile. Danyla gives a great tip of style to compose looks with the bib: “the bib type can be composed with shirts or coat tied at the waist to make the look more modern, if the woman has the hip wider is better to opt for a shirt or thinner coat not to create too much volume in the region. “Another tip to make the look more modern is to use a cropped under the bib.

Little monkey light jeans

This model is the darling for warmer days when all you need is a comfortable and fresh look. “For a ‘Up to Date’ look you can compose with a more dug regatta in the armpit part with a lacy bra in contrasting color of the regatta. Because it is a sexier look, shoes from the male universe can make the counterpoint ideal style, leaving the look more harmonious and modern, “adds Danyla.

Little monkey short jeans

Here the idea is also fresh and light look. The style consultant explains that this model is super indicated to lengthen the silhouette and can be made up with ankle boots, boots or sneakers, as they leave the legs more exposed.

Little monkey with jeans

Here the prints leave the look more cool, they can be the most varied, but the ones that never go out of style are the stripes, animal print and poá, explains Danyla. “The stripes will leave the look more bare and casual, the animal print tends to convey a message of elegance and sensuality, the poha and floral prints convey the message of woman more romantic and young, geometric prints make the look more elegant and modern, “concludes the consultant.

Little monkey jeans in winter

The little monkey jeans can be a piece that has everything to do with warmer days, but you can also use it on colder days. Just compose with tights, boots and coat. Danyla gives some tips of coats to compose with the piece: “the Bomber model jacket has a more stripped footprint, as well as the parkas, if the idea is to build a more modern look just bet on one of these two models.”

Little monkey jeans at night

Here the accessories will be more than welcome, they will give the final touch to the night look. On the feet a heeled sandal, short barrel boots or even a scarpin. Danyla gives a golden tip regarding the color of the little monkey jeans: “it is best to opt for the darkest wash to stretch the silhouette and give a more elegant air to the piece.”