Macna Redox Jacket Review

What biker has not dreamed of having the style on the bike without losing it once happened to destination? Add protection and technical nature, and you think of a near ideal jacket, no? The Macna Redox Night Eyes approaches. Its camouflage look combined with its technical features make it a very versatile ally for everyday journeys. Let’s take a look at what I got after a few weeks of intensive testing…

A mesh look to blend into the urban jungle

What seduced at this product at first, is its look that contrasts with what jackets we can usually find on the market. Done the all black or the racing look, here, we’re trying to blend in with the landscape. His appearance textile military mesh combined with her hood make a jacket look aggressive when riding and mat once the bike is parked. Patterns are available in 3 colors (grey, black, or green). For my part, I tested the black model that you can discover in the photo gallery above. Red closed zippers come complete the overall aesthetic of the jacket.

It is rare to see motorcycle Hooded Jackets, although it is very convenient to protect themselves from the rain or cold once on foot.The important detail regarding this hood, is that it has a hanging system for securing it in the back, which will prevent the movements and taking to the wind while you drive. If you don’t want more, know that it is removable with a zip closure and pressure system.

Comfort: a second skin that we forget quickly

Once the Macna Redox donned, we forget very quickly when driving. The fabrics used are not rigid, we have no difficulty turning the bust when the door, even with the closing rally up to the neck. A good point!

Regarding the size, this jacket is slightly loose but without being too loose. I’m 1 m 75 to 75 kg, and I’m wearing in the photos, a size L (EU 52). So if you have the same morphology as me and you like to wear your jacket close to the body or that you use mainly in summer mode, choose a size M.

This jacket has inside a thermal lining to protect themselves from the cold, an waterproof membrane (Raintex DL) effective in case of rain and a configuration was with vents at the level of the chest and back. The lining and the membrane being removable two to set up jacket depending on the weather.

For my part, I primarily tested it in Setup been (thanks hot!). Although the market the more breathable jacket, she let in enough air to avoid the effect sauna under the helmet.

It is therefore a 3 in 1, very versatile, but which will still show its limits in extreme conditions of heat or cold. In wet weather, the inner membrane protects well, but the top layer will be still soaked.

The Macna Redox offers very good protection

Protection is not at rest, we feel safe in this jacket. It has removable protections approved at the level of the shoulders and elbows (Safe Tech). Although not adjustable, these reinforcements are well placed. I have not suffered the slightest discomfort on the road.

Beware, the jacket is not supplied with an approved Ridge. On the other hand, a location will allow you to accommodate a Safe Tech backbone, or even D3O if you prefer.

To protect you from the wind and weather, the jacket has a reinforcement fabric to protect the kidneys. Note that the jacket offers a closure and a fastener to secure it to the pants.

Macna Redox neck is also well protected since the jacket goes high enough. It has a lining with a soft cloth to avoid irritations that sometimes happen after a few kilometers.

Only downside, sleeves scratch settings deserved a more elaborate operation, to optimize the sealing, facilitate the passage of the gloves on top, and ensure that the sleeves do not move when falling.

On the technical side: an amazing night-time visibility.

The inside of the jacket can accommodate a plastron heating (Hot Vest), who works with a small rechargeable battery, with a range of 3 to 8 hours announced. A system from scratch to fix the heating as well as a Pocket internal are even ready to use. But I have not had the opportunity to test this accessory.

The major innovation of the Redox lies in technology Night Eyes. Practically invisible in daylight, this jacket has reflective stripes on the flanks and at the level of the elbows. They will make you highly visible as soon as the sun goes down, like on the jacket was Chile Night Eye.

Side storage, we have the choice at the level of the pockets. We regret, however, that their size though correct, or some may limited to accommodate large objects. A pocket of the arm would also have been welcome for a credit card or store beep portal.