Nicole Richie and Company, or How to Bring Jeans Shorts

Recently we saw Blake Lively or Victoria Beckham wearing leg with minimum made tejano: the shorts; the first, obsessed with his cutting and tailoring, lucía ones repeated on more than one occasion up to three; fairly short and ornamental frayed; and the second, in most sport version, did it in the pool (but is that Vicky Becks is too divine).

It is now Nicole Richie, Another diligent to the ludicrous garment, in the company of a friend, which gives us a lesson in how lead one of the most repeated and fresh summer; I prefer his version because apart from that I love the styling, I like the form of customization/recycling; just choose a pair of jeans that already do not go to more, because bass is requetepisado or because they have been short, and nip it, preferably, exposing the inside pocket.

Combine it with booties is the key that makes a casual look a later stage: from the street, to the Glam boho rock (very much in the line of the Olsen twins). And if they can be ankle boots with fringes, much better.