Not Only Cinema in Cannes 2014, But Lots and Lots of Rhinestones!

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most anticipated film events and social of the year, is obviously for the films in competition for the aura of stunning beauty that red carpet brings.

Of course, you have to make an important distinction between the timeless divas that, if well recommended by their staff, opting for wonderful creations and couture and instead the starlet that virtually no tread title the red carpet hoping to get some visibility.

Was until now a festival full of light, at least when it comes to fashion, a gift from the many happy choices made by actresses present: sure, there have been some resounding slips and some choices made with the idea that the more absurd (also applies to most nude), the greater the attention received.

Are so many sites and magazines that have made their rankings of worst and best dressed of 2014 (who knows why the worst placed will be the ones who give more to discuss …) but to be upstream we decided to refer only to the three brightest moments seen so far, they teach three great truths about fashion and beauty.

The charm is ageless and knows Jane Fonda, who at 77 years wearing a red dress by Elie Saab encrusted with sequins and rhinestones that molds to perfection the statuary.

Many, many rhinestones (as they will have worked the tailors with their rhinestone applicator), in this case gold on black, even on an Alexander McQueen dress of model and actress Victoria Bonia Wearing, showing in an emblematic as it can be glamorous even completely covered.

Finally the Queen of Cannes (as in look) is unquestionably the bedazzled, the stratospheric, divine Cate Blanchett, who in a dress by Valentino in the collection this spring, into crystals rhinestones and feathers, has literally astounded the audience with her beauty and elegance: moral of the story, the decorations and glittering inserts are for many … but not for everyone!