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Tribute to Gianni Versace

The world of fashion meets to make a party designer Gianni Versace. The reason for the event was the tenth anniversary of his death and on it were more chic fashion and that moreover are all the soirees as models…
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Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets, the most precious jewel and precious in this world, is not of Chanel, Despite their famous quotes, or Dior, Despite the success of the Gaucho, or model Marc Jacobs. Well, Marc Jacobs a little Yes.

The Faces Are

The other day, Paris Hilton I went back to surprise us with its style: the hotel Empire heiress wore a t-shirt with your face. Many people must think that this gesture is itself a egocentric, but No It is more…
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The Simpsons in Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar It continues to surprise with his editorials of fashion though, for the August issue, this sentence takes a meaning end. After shooting to Paris Hilton and a Nicole Richie in June, and a Anne Hathaway in July!the Simpson…
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Stella McCartney Pregnant Again

Only seven months after having given birth to her second child, the couple formed by the English designer and daughter of Sir Paul McCartney, Stella and Alasdhair Willis is back in a State of good hope.