Piercing, a Trend That Conquers All

Inside the world of piercings and let curiosity, trends and news

The piercing, as well as tattoos, are a body adornment for many. The most frequently performed, sometimes concealed because concealed in private parts, seem to be a truly timeless accessory , exhibited by celebrities as well as by ordinary people.

Increasingly young people turn to the piercing and motivations that urge to submit to such practices may be the most varied. There are those who consider them a form of artistic expression, there are those who, instead, resorted to them to express themselves and their own character. The fact is that either for pleasure or for fun or just to join a trend of the moment, the piercing fashion.

Nose, lips, navel, eyebrows, tongue and private parts: a good dose of creativity combined with the proven experience, allow you to drill and to introduce metal objects from the most varied forms really anywhere!

The piercing marked an era. We are talking about the years Ninety. The teens loved, in those years, wear t-shirts and shirts rather short and succinct and exhibit their navel, which were a very sexy and irreverent.

Here are some latest trends

Needless to say, today the piercing can be done really anywhere and satisfy all tastes. For this reason, we will speak of the latest fashions and perhaps, judge for yourself, for the past extravagances and how everyone, including the famous piercing really wowed fashion houses.

The new Dior earrings

Also Dior, in his collection of jewelry and accessories inspired by ethnic and tribal world, allowed herself to be overwhelmed by the fashion of the piercing. And in this perspective, find full expression earrings Tribal of Dior, which join in a sort of yin and yang, elegance and rebellion at the same time, opposite concepts which can give that little bit extra to a simple dress.

Piercing & nails

It erupted in 2013 this new trend, which appears to have been a great success. That’s right, we’re talking about the combination of piercing and nails. Is it really possible? Sure you! Just be strong and long nails, so not totally fragile and prone to cracking. What does it consist of? A small hole is drilled on the nail, in the middle or on the side, which will host the piercing. Which one to choose? Is your imagination and creativity, there’s something for everyone!

A heart on the cornea

Yes you read correctly, a heart of Platinum, perpetually on the cornea membrane! The laser operation has been carried out from a team of American physicians, and was requested by a Russian girl. Has launched a latest trend in piercing? We’ll see!

What about you? Love the piercings?