Pull & Bear and Their Shirts Are Attached to The Animal Print

First were the ‘ animal print & #8217; for them, which have already become a classic. Prints of Leopard, zebra stripes, fabrics that mimicked the skins of the Jaguars, crocodiles and bears. A revelation in the world of fashion that hit and paste strong well. And we weren’t going to sit back.

So Pull & Bear He has decided to follow this trend and offers us some ‘ print animal & #8217; quite innovative. We are not going to the animal’s skin, but that directly use the animal in t-shirts; i.e., that instead of imitating their skins, are the animals that occupy centre stage.

It was a trend that already last year allowed to see in some collections but, curiously, has been Pull & Bear the first popular brand which has been launched to the market, thereby betting strong.

And is making a large number of followers not only by its originality but because Thanks to music videos rock bands or to many famous couché paper, they are getting to acquire a positive publicity and a role that will be releasing them very far. For now I leave you with that can see the Pull & Bear that certainly is not some.

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