Ready for Swimsuit Season? Here’s the Latest Trends for Beachwear 2014!

Between glances at the runways of beachwear 2014 international and trend revealed in preview from online magazines or catalogs, what will be the trends and patterns that will make every woman in the beach? Summer 2014 will see lots of new items and confirmations to confer at each woman that look unique and innovative – maybe regenerated from cold and winter torpor.

Colors, such as the classic black and white, cobalt blue, emerald green, Burgundy, blue, Orange, pastel shades or Fizzy and lively fluorescent tones, will occur in solid color or in plots of colors and shades from the optical effect astonishing! But still: floral prints or fanciful, exotic decorations or ethnic-inspired, navy style lines or spotted fabrics or friendly reasons stolen from OP Art, fringe, ruffles and braiding or ruffles, will create an aesthetic really stunning.

Timeless will be the bikini, bandeau and strapless, Bandit will be the classic bathing suit, which instead will be totally revised and will appear much more bold and aggressive; SI a boyshorts high waisted briefs, which support and extend your legs giving it an enviable silhouette and recalling the intimate style in the 1920s. Green light even in large band or tie-side briefs, push-up models upholstered furniture and triangles to support and enhance the bust and inevitable will be the trikini with cut-out along the sides.

The beachwear 2014 resents generous fruits of technological innovation, since the fabrics will be a real revolution: materials with UV filters, sheaths that model forms that are more generous and waterproof fabrics, to fully enjoy the seascapes and the exotic beauties.

If the entire recalls the details of 1950sfashion, models do go back at least three decades, sgambati to beloved Eighty Years ! The dress code 2014 sculpt the body and forms, through special designed to make every woman solar and seductive at the same time.

And you are ready for the long-awaited suit test?