Regimental Ties Templates Discover

Days in which it is necessary to show off all your preppy, particularly formal ceremonies, events of great importance or simple professional opportunities…

The Regimental ties are the most recommended male enhancement in those contexts. Anglo-Saxon in origin, the Regimental identifies you all those ties alive with a transverse striped pattern that are used to animate the men’s fashion industry.

Although it’s accessories anyway United by the symbol of elegance and a series of chromatic strongly traditional, Regimental products also have some uniqueness that differentiate between them.

Among the many models of neckties Regimental we can make a few distinctions. : the Classic Regimental has a rather dark background which combines with similar hues rows (so blue, blue or Burgundy); whereas the Modern Regimental wants contrasts a bit more bright and modern, no doubt children of an age that changes and trends that evolve over the years.

Despite having seen the light in the early decades of the last century, the Regimental ties are in a short time become a real must-have fashion men both in Europe and in America.

Although it should be specified that on the basis of their style changed substantially: the Classic Regimental, those born in Northern Europe for instance, are characterized by transverse stripes which start from the left shoulder to finish on the right side; the American models are distinguishable because of lines that move in the opposite direction, i.e. from the right shoulder to the left hip.

The fact remains that regardless of the type you choose, the Regimental fall within the most popular accessories by men of adulthood and young people interested in a style a little retro dress.

Who’s wearing a Regimental, although it certainly does with the objective to attune themselves to a formal atmosphere, is still moved by the main goal to give itself a touch elitist that some we all dream.

Just to demonstrate how the symbol of Regimental has now taken hold in many audiences and crossed continents, just think how easy it is to find examples in the municipalities in fashion boutique clothing stores or even Chinese sales points: these accessories are officially become part of the popular imagination.

Of course, depending on the place within which you are making your purchase, you will be taken to a type of poor quality products (see case of bloat or municipalities retail stores), or against having to deal with higher rank (in this case used in silk production and consistent with the style of the classic Regimental).

At this point there is nothing left to do but go in stores better suited to our pockets. And here, choose products that are closest to their Regimental outfit and personality of each.

Please remember that you don’t necessarily need a classic jacket and shirt to show off a Regimental: a pinch of creativity and desire to dare will allow us to combine these luxury accessories to dresses exquisitely metropolitan or sports. The real strength of Regimental ties, however, lies precisely in that coveted versatility that allowed them a gradual development over the years.