Rihanna and Duffy: Two Prodigious Voices That Van Together Shopping

Not only sing how the angels but that both, the singer originally from Barbados, Rihanna, and the Welsh Duffy, that successor of the ailing how many qualify Amy Winehouse, they are in a love of shoes. Who us you could tell, Rihanna, which almost never match the shoes, what he likes most spending is in heels. Paradoxes of life.

The case is that both coincided in a well known department store inspired testing pumps and peep toes, and both wore similar outfits: skinny jeans, and Rihanna, shirt pictures and extra snug vest in white, and Duffy, white striped shirt and red and cardigan set;

concerns regarding foot, Rihanna sported Sandals acharoladas very little fine and desirable, while Duffand, that my mind wins by a landslide taking into account your total look, wearing a pair of shoes ballerina with a thin heel and with the tie in grey rat, much more enviable and that make us think that his purchases at Barney’s, were much more profitable.