Sienna against Kate, The Battle of The British Designers Continues

“In addition, not as Kate Moss, Savanah if it is a designer of truth”, with these words unleashed the second chapter of this war the English designers, living or rather the models, singers and actresses who have become designers, whether self-employed or creating a collection for any signature.

The authorship of the phrase is of Sienna Miller, of course, when speaking of the new brand Twenty8twelve has created with her sister and by means of which compares the work of Savanah who has made Kate Moss for Topshop. There is no doubt that the Miller already had problems by the talkative when he was in Pittsburgh with promoting Factory Girl and now this.

Lily Allen had already made their own recently with his collection for New Look, But what say Kate Moss in this regard? Obvious, nothing, is silent and leaves his “rivals” in the fashion to promote your clothes without the reduced need to say or do absolutely anything.

According to Sienna, Savanah and she had begun the project much before it Kate Moss had the proposal from Topshop to create nothing. You will have something to do with all this criticism with the fact that the Moss is intimate friend of Sadie Frost, the ex-wife of Jude Law, former love of the Miller. I don’t know, but it seems the British are burning to compete with each other to see which one sells more.

But, regardless of whether your line like it or not, which has shown more elegance and class in this matter has been Kate and that perhaps is the real winner.