Springfield, Collection Spring-Summer 2010 Men

The collection spring/summer 2010 Springfield does not bring anything overly new compared to other years in its collections of man for the spring-summer season even if we can see a strong explosion of colour in all its tendencies.

Mark is still committed to meet tastes (and costs) on fashion of the much of the boys/men, offering accessible price garments and that conform to the trends of this season, with the problem that sometimes rubs the common and abundant. But we cannot ask pears in Elm. It is what it is.

If we could define the general trend of the collection in one word we would say that it is a varied collection. Also occurs in 5 categories that gives us an image very different from the man who adapts to each situation

The first part of the collection is Earth travel. In it you can find a collection with a style very urban. Jeans and jeans predominate in earthy tones…

…accompanied by t-shirts, jackets and sweaters in colors beige, green and Brown, very comfortable and light, ideal to Jell with the same brand in style sneakers cotton and linen Converse, flip-flops or water.

The second part of the collection is, in my opinion, the best of all. School & Navy It symbolizes a very young collection, colorful, with lots of variety dominated Bermuda and the short pants, proposing that we accompany with light clothing and brightly colored.

The most oft-repeated colors are the Greens, reds and blues that, along with the beige or dark blue trousers are of a thousand wonders. A very classic and elegant style, conjuntable with the rest of the collection in which the water are the protagonists.

The collection Urban style It is the more sober and rebellious in the collection. The colors Brown, grey, black and white abound and it provides us a much more urban image of man with baggy jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts that suggest that accompany with hats and scarves.

But within this same collection can see as the most elegant looks It also has its place. American with short pants or jackets/hoodies shirt in which new moccasins and the nautical hogging all the attention.

The collection M.Africa: Foot & Beach It is a collection more surfing, the dominance the Greens have in it. Bermuda shorts and bathing suits of light colors and floral prints, color-pole olive, eye-catching t-shirts that suit with flip-flops and loafers.

Finally the collection South Beach City, a much more ‘pija’ collection in which colors cakes is combined with shades of clear, white and beige Bermuda mainly. Yellow roses stick and celestial pictures, hats as complements to shirts along with the scarves made a very distinguished touch to the collection.

Wide variety of clothing, affordable and very colorful for a collection that, for once, has tried to differentiate itself from its sister of fashion, the Pull and Bear, and he has succeeded and even, in my opinion, it has improved it.