Summer 2014 to All Midi Skirt: 70 Years Back in Vogue!

Women who want to be glamorous, this summer cannot give up the knee-length skirts, also called midi skirt.

This trend, which gives a nod to the legendary years 1970, won around the world, including the star that feature with vintage-style accessories. The midi skirt of 2014 are colorful, embellished with Ruffles or with precious applications; both are signed by great designers that the most popular and prices are depopulating even in virtual stores.

Are skirts that fit all situations and are great for a happy celebration or an evening of dancing; the important thing is that they are well matched. Women can choose a lower heel high or medium while the other can also wear them with flats, especially in informal occasions, or summer boots to match.

The midi skirts they marry well with blouses to wear both inside and out; While if you are looking for a sportier look, you can try it with a tank top or a top colored even narrower. To enhance the waist, it is better to focus on a high-waisted skirt, while if you want to hide a few extra pounds, you should choose a larger model. Regarding fabrics there is ample choice: fresh linen, cotton denim.

If the skirt is narrow it is good to wear it with a soft head instead if it is wide is fine with a tight -fitting t-shirt or blouse to wear inside or out. The midi skirt is the perfect solution for anyone who spends the summer in the city and is looking for a practical, lightweight yet fashionable clothing.

The models for the summer of 2014 are stripes, polka dots, in jeans or in soft colors like pink and beige. Many fashion houses the propose white, with floral prints or with pleats and ruffles.