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Marty & Gus Jackets

Marty & Gus is a French brand created in 2013 specializes in a particular room: jacket. A brand inspired by the story of a brother and a sister at the time of recess. At this time Gus; the little sister, was secretly with…
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Soft Shell Mountain Jacket

You know the principle of the three layers in the mountains? Softshell jackets have a simple and complicated at the same time objective: replace the 2 ° and 3 ° layers when the conditions are not “extreme”.

My Wardrobe Leather Jackets

The leather jacket is the entrance for many years in the wardrobe of almost all men and women, with the intention of spending who knows how. The leather jacket is a garment comfortable, suitable for any type of occasion, resistant, in a Word, irreplaceable. And so it is no coincidence that, as irreplaceable, has…
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Functional Leisure Jacket

Hi! I am looking for a leisure jacket. A jacket I should be able to have the elk hunting and harrfisket in september. Water resistant and warm. Don’t want to look like a spaceship in some weird Gore-Tex material. Think natural colored garments. Now are you…
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How to Choose a Fleece Jacket

The fleece jacket is an essential product in the world of the mountain since its introduction in 1979. The multiple qualities of this tissue are perfectly suited for sports use. Fiber fleece is very soft, warm and comfortable, it doesn’t itch, it dries quickly…
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Quilted Fashion Trend

After Canada Goose-jackets turned into a fashion wise, suicide, saw many Barbours classic quilted jackets that save. The fear of creating an additional stekarattribut however, did this to a short-lived trend and quilted jackets returned quickly to become tantklädsel. Now the material is back.