The Look Right: Blazer and Salmon Shirt and Delavê

Injecting a little more color this summer, we spoke recently of the pants color in a look very casual, but like to put a piece of colored look urban and more elegant? I can tell you that a blazer can be the solution to your problem, since you learn to balance the pieces!

The Look Right Blazer and Salmon Shirt and Delavê

Why does it work?

The contrast between the blazer and the denim shirt delavê draws attention to the top part of the outfit without letting it exaggerated, in fact the highlight that the salmon gave the blue course was very interesting, the color virtually “lit”. With a combination of parts sufficiently bold above the waist it remains to choose a pair of trousers catching, but very appropriate for the season of heat, and this twill light grey was a great choice.

With a look so casual and lightweight shoes are black would not fall as well, as well as the belt, then we can say that the moccasin brown leather and braided accessory were in the right measure for the combo.

Closing we have a choice as well laid-back add-ons, such as bracelets that have definitely entered to the favorite items of the men and of the tissue pocket that always gives a touch of class. A good clock also can not miss, and here he still follows the combination of the shoes and the belt, without taking risks.

Fabrics: since you chose to use a blazer in the summer look for pieces of linen or cotton very light to not pass heat.


As the shirt and the blazer are trim slim, the pants adjustment is not shifted to the look, but if you want you can choose a model that has a more loose (but not too much!), can be up to a chino or a cargo with pockets flat discrete.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the blazer for another color more traditional, as I have already said, the salmon is highlighting the shirt and giving an air of cool to the combo.

In short:

  • Muted colors can be noted if the combination is correct;
  • Salmon and light blue are good options for summer, especially when combined;
  • When there is too much highlight on the top, choose something more sober to the bottom;
  • Black shoes can get very serious in a summer look casual too;
  • Add-ons help to relax the visual and show you how you can master fashion;
  • Favors lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen.

Additional tips:

For chubby – replace the pair of skinny for a model straight.

For shorties – a belt of course can help to lengthen the silhouette by decreasing the contrast between the top and the bottom.

For altões – the look divides your silhouette, but be careful with the pants too tight, more loose can avoid the stretching of the legs.