The Look Right: Soft Colors and Lightweight Parts for the Station

This combination seems to have been made so charming, but in fact it was thought to keep harmony in the costume, since its colors, to its lightweight parts in cotton, and the white tennis shoes of canvas, all thought to a look nice ride and comfortable.

The Look Right Soft Colors and Lightweight Parts for the Station

Why does it work?

The red is the key color here, its combination with the blue of the shirt and the greenish hue of the pants and it was not by chance, these two colors are complementary are broken down in relation to the red. To understand this better, take a circle, a color wheel, select the red and then note the two colors that are next to the green, its complementary color. Use this type of composition is a little more complicated for us mortals, and requires a quick consultation to Disk “Newton” to know if all is right the same.

Talk about the style of the pieces is rain in the wet: casual clothes, in the top we have lightweight cotton below waist jeans with spandex, that is not so bulky and is more malleable, in addition to white tennis shoes without socks combined with the bars bent to ensure the freshness of the combo.

Try this…

A twill pants, linen or cotton in the same tone, will work as well as. The shirt can also be short sleeve, mainly on days when the thermometers hit up there, in fact a bermuda on the same colour can serve as a replacement.

It would not be the same thing if…

The shoes were dark brown leather, or something more like a shoe, this look is not gives a lot of space for shoes heavy.

In short:

  • Understanding the color wheel can give you ammunition to create more combinations to the original;
  • Cotton and denim with elastane leave comfortable and casual;
  • Nothing like a running shoes basic canvas for those moments of “relaxation”;
  • Try other fabrics, if the temperature rise, shorten the parts also applies in this case.

Additional tips

For the altões – a perfect combination to end up with that feeling and excess height;

For the kids – Close the shirt can help elongate the silhouette, but swap the shirt for a striped would be even better.

For the chubby – Stripe vertical are better than the chess and beware of pants that is tight, would prefer a model straight.