Two Suggestions Look with Checkered Vichy

Who follows the Channel the Male must have already seen our “Checklist of the wardrobe Basics” with pieces for all occasions, but at the same time may have been wondering how to combine all of those items. Well, no escape from what was proposed in that list I have assembled two of the suggestions look, a informal for work, another relaxation to the end of the week, with a right to the full type of add-on and accessory, check out below:

Two Suggestions Look with Checkered Vichy

Shirt in checkered vichy + peacoat + jeans

If your option to work is informal, jeans is almost a rule, but the “top” can become a problem, because to change it every holy day requires creativity. The proposal here is to face a day of work tidy, but stripped down, with the ties showing that there is no place to slouch, the pea coat enters the log of a jacket or blazer and secure the wave on the coldest days.The contrast is on account of the simple All Star shoes with the clock a sophisticated, but also deserves the leather rustic bag postman that is purposefully discordant than all the rest, after all this type of accessory there is more to call attention to the same.

Shirt in checkered vichy + bermuda twill + tennis

The second combo is a true safe haven for the man, where all the elements that he loves the most are combined. The shirt in checkered red has the entire face of the end of the week, if you are with the shape in the day, use it with a few buttons closed to mark better the silhouette, if you are overweight, leave it open, but don’t forget to fold the sleeve above the elbow. The bermuda twill no error, coordinated with tennis shoes in brown leather and with the drawstring belt she composes a relaxed look of those who do not need to strive to please.The accessories are the cherry on top of sunday, showing personality and the ability to do so much using so little.

Author’s note:

Feel free to change whatever you want, add or take, the idea here is just to show you how basic pieces need very little to work well together.