Unpaired Oybo Socks, by Choice

Oybo is no longer an exclamation of surprise, but it is also the name of a brand of socks. Their peculiarity? Be unpaired by choice and not for distraction. That’s right, your socks Oybo you define the first Untuned Socks: “One pair with two souls” (a couple with two souls) but always strictly coordinated.

The brand, which they say proudly designed and manifactured in Italy, was born in 2011 at Padova thanks to the intuition and tenacity of Eusebia Lupu and Lionello Borean, co-founders and creative. “We started with this idea of a simple and unpaired though dream.” And from there the unpaired dream blew up to conquer other fans of the genre, estimators and stylists. Especially some of them are so enamored of Oybo socks became ambassador and give life to the Oybo Crew, the crew of Oybo.

The Oybo collection is divided into five “drawers”:

-the new children’s drawer. For children it is meant a five Pack Socks, sold together, which can be freely coordinated amongst themselves. So that children so to feed their imagination, and their sense of style. The Oybo are made of organic cotton bio.

–the drawer hot for men: “cotton warm for cold days.” Each pair of socks is made from 95% cotton, plus a small percentage of spandex to provide an elastic product that does not press too much on legs, hips and ankles.
Scroll through the proposals of this collection is an experience: a riot of colors and combinations. Crochet-like patterns, patterns of tapestries on neutral backgrounds, lines, shapes, imaginative combinations with a pinch of tribal here and there. Men’s socks are more socks: they reach the knee, but some models are also available cut, short.

–the secret drawer of women. The same patterns of men’s collection are being replicated in women’s collection, with a few adjustments, as the measure cut and a corresponding redistribution of pattern.

–the bright drawer: “cotton cool for hot days.” A menswear collection with other patterns and untuned combinations, with a higher prevalence of size cut and greater use of light colours, pastel, light blue with white.

–the historic drawer. Collections is no longer for sale, but they are always nice to see.

A more Oybo socks is the packaging in which they are delivered at home. Each pair is individually packed in a box made with recycled materials and in turn recycled for other uses. Shipping times? A very short time.

Suitable for hipster, estimators of retro chic and for those who love to dress vintage, represent, as posted on their site “the desire not to take it too seriously, but to illuminate the life and passion of every day”.