What’s New Kid’s Fashion Summer 2014: Retro Flair, Panache and a Shower of Color!

The summer news of baby fashion spring-summer 2014 are really varied and interesting. Funny, imaginative and colorful motifs campeggeranno T-shirt, pants or dresses for a look sparkling and fresh! But not only. In particular, the summer 2014 childrens’s wear for sissies has numerous surprises: dresses with Ruffles or bows, light fabrics and exclusive, bright and sunny, floral prints and artistic nuances will turn every child into a proper Princess.

And the boys? Navy style, chess or rows on blouses and t-shirts strictly black and blue, will make our kids of gnomes! What are the main news of summer in style?

Among reasons ever green and reinterpretations, fluorescent colors, very bright and contrasting, to give every child an inimitable style; prints inspired by the world of art or style camouflage or animal prints; lace and embroidery for a unique charm, urban style inspired clothing items or proposals decidedly rock and bold.

Between patterns and decorations as well as stripes, dots, squares, geometric prints and intersections of curves and lines, highly appreciated will also be the ethnic style, with the typical designs inspired by the culture of Mexico or the exotic, with stylized exotic landscape prints, which will help give kids a summer look and sea, through the choice of outfit intense colors.

And the colors? Yellow, pink, Fuchsia, Orange, red, green and turquoise, mixed or stained, will populate every self-respecting wardrobe.

There will be fashion leaders comfortable and extremely comfortable, designed to follow the movements of the smallest and light and delicate fabrics.

And the summer news regarding beachwear? Unique and innovative design, exotic prints skimpy or extremely bright colors and floral lures solar for smaller; lines and shapes for boys to dress on the beach as practical and stylish!