Zara: This Spring Committed to The Point in Your Clothes

And it is time to reap the fruits that we had already planted. As I have already said in his time, this spring the point It is one of the strong in most of the collections for man seasons spring-summer 2010. Not only appears in jerseys, sweatshirts, sweaters and vests, but that many firms have dared has implanted it in trousers, jackets, hats…

Y Zara, how good fashion company that always tries to be fashionable and their collections carry the latest trends, could not ignore the point. We actually found it present in almost all sets in the catalog, in such a way that even in their website they have reserved you a special category in which collected the best of the collection point.

But we will focus especially on the jerseys, sweatshirts, the sweaters and vests. In all of them, the point, colours white, grey, black and cream (the absence of color is quite appreciable), brings comfort, lightness and freshness to the garment, as well as give a touch of elegance and classicism.

The garments are committed by designs plain, with absence of geometric patterns, geometric shapes or patterns, although often they do it, occupy the entire design, as we can see in these two models of sweaters, v-neck, with diamonds of various colors.

The only downside that I see (the price of clothing deserves any further disadvantage) is like, to be a spring collection, is they miss more bright colors and spring, and perhaps leave this type of chromatic varieties for the ultimate summer touching the autumn. But I am sure that it will also triumph.