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Estonia Brief History

Estonia Country Facts: Estonia, located in Northern Europe, is bordered by the Baltic Sea, Latvia, and Russia. Its capital and largest city is Tallinn. The country has a population of approximately 1.3 million people and is known for its advanced digital infrastructure and vibrant cultural scene. Estonia regained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991… Read More »

Estonia Population

Population Distribution As of 2023, the latest population of Estonia is 1,228,624, based on our calculation of the current data from UN (United Nations). Total population 1,228,624 Population growth rate -0.65% Birth rate 10.10 births per 1,000 people Life expectancy Overall 73.82 years Men 68.58 years Women 79.40 years Age structure 0-14 years 16.30% 15-64… Read More »

2024 Public Holidays in Estonia

Public Holidays in Estonia in 2024 Introduction Estonia, a Baltic country in Northern Europe, observes several public holidays throughout the year. These holidays hold cultural, historical, and religious significance for the Estonian people. In 2024, Estonia will celebrate a diverse array of holidays, each with its own traditions and customs. National Holidays New Year’s Day… Read More »